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After lunch, we fell asleep. While the cakes were baking in the oven, I prepared the glaze out of the egg whites and sugar powder.

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We were great pals and had spent really good time together.

Essay about my last weekend essay

There are various ways of organizing the body part. The weekend is a time for rest, entertainment, and relaxation. Food sample essay national day celebration tourism and biodiversity essay.

Your paragraph as it stands is a little bald and could be improved by adding more detail. The last weekend I traveled to Acapulco with my brother.

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My Weekend Essay

Weekend is something I really look forward too. My mother was busy preparing some food items and I helped her by looking after my little sister and playing with her.

I was in a good mood because my cakes were perfect. That kept me busy for some time. I was surprised to see her. Sometimes I go out and watch movie if I get to know that some good realizes has come.

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As “My last weekend” essay is one of the most ordinary topics for middle school pupils, it is easy to work out some practical tips on writing such type of essay. First. Here is your short paragraph on my last weekend: Weekend is always a fun because it’s time to spend with your loved ones.

Short Paragraph on My Last Weekend (459 Words)

It’s time to relax, break the boredom and bury all the tensions in some corner of your mind. Advertisements: People of all ages enjoy weekend and makes plans in advance on how [ ].

Apr 03,  · kelly’s last weekend: april, ON FRIDAY EVENING I came home at p.m. It was only just last weekend, while heading for the seaside. The rain turned into buckets, and the road became a downslide.

At first my car was bucking 'cross the roadway’s topside. in my last weekend i went to the beach and i swim and in the night i went to a resturant and it pizza wit my family and all the days in the beach the sun was asom i really enjoy my weekend.

Hasan · Reply. Apr 03,  · B3-SIMPLE PAST-WHAT DID YOU DO LAST WEEKEND. Let me tell you about my last weekend. Letícia’s last weekend: April, ON FRIDAY EVENING.

I come home at p.m. I ate spaghetti and drank juice I watchend TV I check my e-mails I wend to bed at p.m.-ON SATURDAY.

My Weekend – Using Past Tense Writing about last weekend
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